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Scholarship Opportunities

Each year at the annual convention of the Saskatchewan Aviation Council, two scholarships are offered in memory of Dennis O’Brien and John Iverson, who were tragically taken while ferrying a Single Otter back to Saskatchewan in 1996.

Dennis and his new wife, Karen, bought their own aviation business in Buffalo Narrows in 1976.  Dennis and Karen built the company from a single Beaver to a fleet of traditional bush planes and modern, twin-engine, all-weather aircraft.  They built this model company based on high standards of aircraft maintenance and customer service. 

John Iverson had a history of 23 years as a crop sprayer.  After retiring from crop spraying and farming in the late 1980’s, he flew the float season for Buffalo Narrows Airways except for one year flying with Points North Forwarding.  John’s common sense and easy-going manner reassured his patrons in the often inhospitable, remote environment of float flying. 

The legacy of these two fine Saskatchewan aviators lives on through the continued operations of Buffalo Narrows Airways, now Courtesy Air and via the Dennis O’Brien/John Iverson Memorial Scholarship Fund organized and overseen by the Saskatchewan Aviation Council. 

The two memorial scholarships are awarded to aviation students:  one a Commercial Pilot in training and the other an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in training.

Saskatchewan Aviation Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Saskatchewan Aviation Memorial Scholarship Fund is a memorial trust fund, administered by the Saskatchewan Aviation Council that promotes aviation by awarding two annual scholarships. The Scholarships are available to those who are, or previously were, residents of Saskatchewan, and are completing training in Saskatchewan.  The Scholarships are:

  • $1,000 Scholarship for commercial pilot training, and;

  • $1,000 Scholarship for AME training

Each of these scholarships will be presented at the annual Wings of Saskatchewan Conference & Trade Show held each year in the fall.

Application Procedures:

(1) Complete the application and submit it to the SAC — watch this space for the Fall 2024 application deadline.

(2) Along with this application form, submit a letter describing your interest in aviation and your future plans. This letter should outline your aspirations and goals, and comment on what you have been able to achieve, so far, working towards your goals and your career in aviation.

(3) Attach any reference letters, if desired.

Return to: Saskatchewan Aviation Council


By mail:
Unit 14, 401 45th Street West
Saskatoon, SK   S7K 1V7

By fax: (306) 931-6123

If you have any questions, please phone (306) 664-2376.

Submission Format

Click the below link for the application form, which includes details on submission format and requirements for all scholarships.

Scholarship Application Form

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