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Why We Need Your Support

Most often, the concerns and issues you have are shared by others in the aviation community. But unless you step forward, the issues so important to yourself and many of your colleagues may never be heard.

We need members in all walks of life. The broader the representation SAC has from the aviation community, the stronger and more credible we become.  Together we can make things happen!

Membership Benefits

We work hard to support all our members, and to support the growth and health of the provincial aviation industry, a critical element in promoting the overall growth of the provincial economy as well.  Airports and air services are often taken for granted, and we must not let that happen! Saskatchewan, more than many other areas, needs a powerful air industry to excel.

Here are just a few examples of what SAC has accomplished in the past few years:

  • Completed study on the value and importance of air transportation to the province of Saskatchewan

  • Nominate a person to NAV CANADA Advisory Committee

  • Engaged in strategy to keep our Saskatchewan Airports viable including formation of Airports Advisory Committee

  • Annual Wings of Saskatchewan Conference & Tradeshow

  • Support of Aviation Students through 2 scholarships awarded annually - one for a Pilot student and one for an AME student

  • Continued support of the Saskatchewan Polytechnic Commercial Pilot Diploma Program through promotion and industry support

  • Updated Saskatchewan Air Facilities Map, in partnership with Saskatchewan's Ministry of Highways and Trigon Mapping Resources

  • SAC Website - continually updated to keep current with events, aviation news, and links to other aviation connections

  • Reduction of Saskatchewan Aviation Gas Tax to 1.5 cents for Jet Fuel and Avgas (2005)

  • Strong alliances with COPA, ATAC, CBAA, SAAA, MAC, CAC and the CCAA

  • Strong working relationship with Provincial government through Airports Advisory Committee

  • Our aviation inventory study shows that aviation, airports, aerospace and unmanned industries are worth billions of dollars to the Saskatchewan economy.  That impact will garner more support for our industry.

  • A board of directors consisting of 15 diligent professionals from all areas of the Saskatchewan aviation industry volunteer to ensure that your concerns are being heard and your needs being addressed

  • Community support and involvement with Saskatchewan's Ministry of Highways, Community Airport Partnership Program - Millions invested into Southern Saskatchewan Airports

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